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Vandaag — 1 Juni 2020ZDNet.be : Technologie

Return to work: How the technology mix we rely on is about to change, again

Software as a service was the key to lockdown working, but as we start to leave our homes other innovations will have a role to play.

  • 1 Juni 2020 om 00:01
Gisteren — 31 Mei 2020ZDNet.be : Technologie

’It’s fundamental’: Graphcore CEO believes new kinds of AI will prove the worth of a new kind of computer

Graphcore, the four-year-old startup based in Bristol, England, has a chip that takes the kinds of math that a neural network processes and splits them across 1,216 tiny computers, each of which does its work in parallel with its brethren. The company believes its chip makes new kinds of AI possible.

  • 31 Mei 2020 om 17:40

How to tell if your device is eligible for the Windows 10 May 2020 update

Microsoft adds a message on the Windows Update page to let users know if they're eligible for the Windows 10 May 2020 update.

  • 31 Mei 2020 om 13:19

Hacker leaks database of dark web hosting provider

Leaked data contains email addresses, site admin passwords, and .onion domain private keys.

  • 31 Mei 2020 om 12:43

Major Jabra Elite 75t headset update: Custom button options and personalized sound profiles

While Apple's AirPods and the new Google Pixel Buds are solid headphones, Jabra has a track record of providing one of the best options for truly wireless earbuds. As promised, Jabra just released a major update for the Elite 75t and Elite Active 75t that propels these earbuds back to the top of my wireless headset list.

  • 31 Mei 2020 om 00:01
OuderZDNet.be : Technologie

What do software developers want? A chance to learn, and a decent corporate culture

Stack Overflow's latest survey of 65,000 software developers tracks attitudes towards DevOps, languages, frameworks, as well as the state of their jobs.

  • 30 Mei 2020 om 13:40

Singapore researchers tapping quantum cryptography to enhance network encryption

ST Engineering and National University of Singapore are looking to tap quantum cryptography technology to build network encryption tools, so these will be ready to mitigate security risks that may emerge when quantum computing becomes mainstream.

  • 30 Mei 2020 om 12:12

Powerbeats Pro will come in four bright new colors June 9

Powerbeats Pro offer all of the same features as AirPods, just in a different form factor and with fitness in mind.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 21:36

How to defeat average during times of uncertainty

Learning from challenges in some of the toughest deserts in the world, an ultra marathoner and high endurance athlete teaches us to embrace adversity and uncertainty, and to come out on the other side mentally stronger and resilient.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 20:25

COVID-19 didn’t break your business. Data did.

The post-COVID-19 world is a data-driven world. Capturing all the data, in all its forms and formats, whether enterprises know they need it or not, is the new normal to survive.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 18:00

Social distancing: Google's new tool lets you see a two metre gap with AR

The experimental feature creates a two-metre bubble displayed on top of your real environment.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 17:51

Contact-tracing app: How much difference will it really make?

After a much-hype debut, the excitement around the UK's coronavirus contact-tracing app has dipped. What happened?

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 16:20

How the world's largest and fastest supercomputers are being used to understand the coronavirus

The UK is the first country outside the US to join the COVID-19 High Performance Computing consortium, which provides access to the world's fastest supercomputers for work on tackling the pandemic.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 15:49

This new Trickbot malware update makes it even harder to detect

The notorious information-stealing trojan is one of the most prolific forms of malware out there - and has evolved yet again.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 15:34

iPhone SE 2 or iPhone XR? SE 2 is $399 but now Apple's refurbished XR costs just $100 more

Apple's new iPhone SE with 4.7-inch screen starts at $399 but a refurbished iPhone XR with 6.1-inch screen is $499.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 15:14

Twitter places public interest notice on President Trump's tweet

Twitter says that Donald Trump has violated Twitter rules regarding glorification of violence.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 14:18

NCA launches UK ad campaign to divert kids searching for cybercrime tools

DDoS-for-hire and Trojan-related searches are on the agency’s radar.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 14:16

Trump and Twitter. Why they just can't quit each other

Are Twitter and the president headed for war? Or even the courts? No, it's just another lovers' tiff. Isn't it?

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 14:15

Minut: The privacy-based smart home sensor

Security without cameras and listening in on people.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 13:29

Windows 10 2004: These are the features we're deprecating or dropping, says Microsoft

Microsoft details the features it's no longer working on in Windows 10 and those it's removed in version 2004.

  • 29 Mei 2020 om 13:18