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Gisteren — 16 Februari 2019ICT & Internet & E-commerce

Google backtracks on Chrome modifications that would have crippled ad blockers

Google changes stance on upcoming Chrome Manifest V3 changes as benchmark shows they lied about performance hit.

  • 16 Februari 2019 om 20:34

Cloudera's Hilary Mason: To make AI useful, make it more "boring"

Hilary Mason, the former chief data scientist at Bitly and founder of Fast Forward Labs, is now the key AI executive and thought leader at Cloudera. So it may surprise people to learn that she thinks our obsession with AI's cool factor is impeding progress, and inhibiting AI's successful application in the Enterprise.

  • 16 Februari 2019 om 17:00

LoveSync: Coordinating sex for busy couples should be an app

Busy schedules and bad timing could be a thing of the past, if mobile technology is used to coordinate intimacy between couples in the future.

  • 16 Februari 2019 om 15:52

Unisys plans consulting push in Latin America

The company wants to accelerate local strategy by providing direction to clients as regulatory and compliance requirements increase.

  • 16 Februari 2019 om 00:05
OuderICT & Internet & E-commerce

Fear not deep fakes: OpenAI’s machine writes as senselessly as a chatbot speaks

Non-profit AI research organization OpenAI caused quite a stir by showing off a new deep learning approach that creates some fairly convincing english-language paragraphs, launching a new chapter in the "deep fakes" saga. One has only to read a little more closely to see the cracks that betray the lack of logic and consistency.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 23:00

Google working on new Chrome security feature to 'obliterate DOM XSS'

Google announces Trusted Types browser API, a new defense against DOM-based XSS attacks.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 22:57

Ulefone Armor 6 hands-on: The ideal rugged device for professional phone warriors

The Armor 6 from Ulefone is a workhorse of a device with a range of useful tools.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 21:58

How AI and machine learning can help you defend the enterprise from cyberattacks

As attack methodologies advance, tool-assisted detection is indispensable for security professionals to manage sprawling networks of devices that are not necessarily trustworthy.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 21:38

Five emerging cybersecurity threats you should take very seriously in 2019

Ransomware isn’t the only cyberthreat your business will face this year. Here are five emerging threats that leaders need to know about.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 21:37

The EU's new copyright laws threaten to destroy the internet

The EU's new copyright laws will force all websites to check all posts to see if anything ever published might be a copyright violation. That will include photos, videos, words, tweets, memes, source code -- you name it.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 21:22

Architects anticipate robots on construction sites

So, why would an architecture firm bother experimenting with robots? The automotive industry was revolutionized by robotics, but it's a lot harder to apply robotics to buildings.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 20:30

The hacking strategies that will dominate in 2019

If you thought sophisticated cyber criminal gangs were the only threat to your organisation, think again. Now almost anyone can access the tools to conduct hacking campaigns.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 20:04

GAO gives Congress go-ahead for a GDPR-like privacy legislation

Government officials, academia, and advocacy groups say it's time for the US to get its own GDPR-type law.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 19:11

Watch out Apple: Samsung opening three retail stores on February 20

Apple's retail store experience appeals to customers who have a place to go for support of their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or computer. Samsung is opening three new stores next week in an attempt to provide more for customers.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 17:44

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab S5e Android tablet with Bixby integration

The Apple iPad is the default tablet of choice for most people, but if you are looking for one that runs Android then Samsung's are the best. The new Galaxy Tab S5e starts off at an affordable $400 with a launch in the next couple months.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 17:40

Samsung leaks Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit in app update

It appears Samsung has more than the Galaxy S10 in store for us next week.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 17:04

Thousands of Android apps permanently record your online activity for ad targeting

Updated: Your unique ID is being connected to devices to create an immutable record even when you ask for your history to be forgotten.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 15:34

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 review: A modern-day slider phone with dual front cameras

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is an impressive mid-range handset with a near-bezel-free screen thanks to its front camera slider.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 15:29

Google Chrome users: You'll soon be able to share links to specific words on websites

Users could soon be able to share a link that scrolls directly to selected text.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 15:22

Apple upgrades older iPhones to bypass sales ban in Germany

Apple has ditched Intel modems and switched over to Qualcomm hardware in the German market in order to bring to an end last year's ban following a patent infringement ruling.

  • 15 Februari 2019 om 14:45