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Vandaag — 6 Juli 2020ICT & Internet & E-commerce

Chrome JavaScript timer throttling: Google's tests show it saves up to 2 hours' battery life

Chrome will soon throttle JavaScript timers in the background, so the browser uses significantly less power.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 13:08

COVID-19 contact tracing: Maybe analog trumps APIs and high tech approaches

The technology industry usually thinks it can solve anything. But analog COVID-19 contact tracing may do better than a bevy of smartphone apps.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 13:00

Yahoo engineer gets no jail time after hacking 6,000 accounts to look for porn

Hacker sentenced to five years probation, with home confinement condition.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 12:53

Expedia, Travala.com join forces to bring cryptocurrency payments to travel

Up to 30 different forms of cryptocurrency can be used to book trips away.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 12:37

iPhone 12 production delayed, claims report

Apple's mmWave 5G iPhones could be as much as two months behind schedule, and Apple is ordering more older handsets to fill in the gaps.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 12:03

The key to stopping cyberattacks? Understanding your own systems before the hackers strike

Organisations struggle to monitor their networks because they often don't know what's there. And that allows hackers to sneak in under the radar.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 11:29

Uber to acquire Postmates delivery app in deal worth billions: report

The all-stock takeover could be worth as much as $2.65 billion.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 11:21

Federal government hands Edith Cowan Uni AU$4.5m for Indigenous health website

The new funding will allow HealthInfoNet to maintain and update its content, with new evidence-based resources.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 08:45

North Korean hackers linked to web skimming (Magecart) attacks, report says

After hacking banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, orchestrating ATM cash-outs, and deploying ransomware, North Korean hackers have now set their sights on online stores.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 08:00

Fujitsu to shut down half of its offices in Japan by FY22

80,000 of its Japan-based employees will work remotely and hot desking will be introduced as the company embraces flexible working arrangements.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 07:32

NBN says 80% of leftover 109,000 premises could connect in 2020

Around 17,000 premises shifted from fixed wireless to fibre to the curb.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 03:38

MySQL drops master-slave and blacklist-whitelist terminology

Engineering teams update internal terminologies all over the tech world. Latest examples include Twitter, JP Morgan, and Splunk.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 03:07

Lenovo improves ThinkPads running Linux but issues with problem machines remain

If Lenovo is serious about having its entire ThinkPad line certified for working with Linux, it'll need to remove the pain points for all its machines from the get go.

  • 6 Juli 2020 om 00:00
Gisteren — 5 Juli 2020ICT & Internet & E-commerce

Singapore issues multiple correction orders in early days of election rallies

Several correction directives have been issued to opposition political parties and online news sites over statements made this past week, as candidates begin their campaign trail for Singapore's July 10 General Elections.

  • 5 Juli 2020 om 19:27

I went to a Microsoft Store and all I saw was Apple laughing

Microsoft is closing almost all its stores, so I wanted to see what they look like now. And to wonder why Microsoft did it.

  • 5 Juli 2020 om 14:00

Hackers are trying to steal admin passwords from F5 BIG-IP devices

Threat actors have already started exploiting the F5 BIG-IP mega-bug, three days after it was disclosed.

  • 4 Juli 2020 om 22:20
OuderICT & Internet & E-commerce

All the best July 4th tech sales and deals happening this weekend

From discounted 4K TVs to true Peloton alternatives, there's tons of July 4th deals to be found.

  • 4 Juli 2020 om 18:59

The main beneficiaries of artificial intelligence success are IT departments themselves

Survey finds majority of companies with AI projects reporting positive results. IT leaders see potential for security analytics and predictive intelligence to improve their delivery of tech services.

  • 4 Juli 2020 om 18:51

Infosec community disagrees with changing 'black hat' term due to racial stereotyping

A Google security researcher withdrew from the Black Hat security conference and asked the community to stop using the 'black hat' term.

  • 4 Juli 2020 om 17:44